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Getting started with Sympli for Adobe XD CC

  • Download and install Sympli for Adobe XD CC for Mac OS or for Windows
  • Watch the tutorial
  • Handoff your design to the development team really fast using the Sympli for Adobe XD CC!
  • Design more awesome stuff instead of spending your time on back and forth communication with developers.

Release History



Version 1.0.15

April 9, 2019

- Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent you from creating new projects

Version 1.0.14

April 3, 2019

- Added support for Adobe XD 18

Version 1.0.13

February 4, 2019

- Fixed a couple of minor issues with asset renditions
- Fixed a bug where shadow information could be unavailable for certain text layers in Sympli

Version 1.0.12

January 7, 2019

- Bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 1.0.11

December 7, 2018

- Fixed a rare problem where uploading multiple artboards at once would fail without an actual reason

Version 1.0.10

October 19, 2018

What's new in Sympli plugin for Adobe XD CC, version 1.0.10:

- Fixed a bug where rendering assets from an empty layer group would abort the whole export process
- Fixed a bug where Sympli wouldn't be able to connect to Adobe XD CC for some users with very specific network setup

Version 1.0.9

September 26, 2018

- Improved compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave
- Fixed a couple of problems with asset names

Version 1.0.8

August 28, 2018

- Improved error message when the current Adobe XD document could not be found during the export process
- Fixed a bug where the actual angle value for gradients was ignored in Sympli
- Fixed a bug where you could not export a design if it contains asset layers that can't be rendered in Adobe XD

Version 1.0.6

June 25, 2018

- Now you can export assets from invisible layers
- Fixed quick export to the previously chosen project (aka “Export Now”)
- Numerous bug fixes and general improvements are under the hood

Version 1.0.5

June 1, 2018

- New: if you don't select specific artboards in Adobe XD, Sympli will automatically suggest to export all of your artboards in the current document
- New: ability to export assets from hidden layers (requires Adobe XD version 8 and higher)
- New: Sympli now minifies SVG assets to save your bandwidth and disk space
- Fixed a couple of rare crashes

Version 1.0.4

April 10, 2018

- Fixed a couple of rare crashes that could happen if your prototyping flow contains transitions from shapes in Pasteboard to an artboard

Version 1.0.3

March 23, 2018

- Added prototyping in Sympli!
- Improved error handling system, allowing us to fix issues more efficiently
- Fixed a couple of rare crashes

Version 1.0.2

February 15, 2018

- It is now possible to export (and generate assets from) layers with very long names without any problems
- The plugin window now will be hidden when Adobe XD CC loses focus
- Avoid crashing the plugin in rare cases when Adobe XD CC is not responding correctly

Version 1.0.1

January 26, 2018

- Fixed a bug where letter-spacing value for certain text layers was reported inaccurately

Version 1.0.0

January 23, 2018

- Sympli for Adobe XD CC!!


July 19, 2019

Fix bunch of crashes related to the new roles and sharing.

Version 1.0.139

September 14, 2018

- Improved application stability
- Improved integration with Android Studio

Version 1.0.6

August 28, 2018

- Bug fixes and future improvements